GALFA was founded in 1958 in Finsterwalde (Germany) and today is a powerful and reliable provider of coating systems for functional surfaces in the areas of cathodic corrosion protection and pre-applied thread locks. Our range of services includes high-quality coatings for small, mass and base frame metal parts, with the main focus on fasteners, stampings and constructional elements.

With over 50 years of tradition and experience, GALFA is a professional partner to industry, serving reputable customers in the automotive sector, in the construction, fittings and electrical industries, as well as in metal construction and mechanical engineering. A 220-strong skilled workforce at five sites in Germany and Poland, innovative systems and state-of-the-art technology are your guarantee of outstanding quality and tailored solutions for your coating requirements all around corrosion protection.

An overview of what we offer:
  • Complete service. One-stop source for functional coating expertise (electroplating, zinc flake and thread-locking services)
  • Flexibility. Rapid response times and customer-specific logistics solutions including packaging services
  • Innovation. Leading-edge technical development projects designed to optimise surfaces, plant engineering and test procedures
  • Expertise. Extensive practice-led application knowledge in the area of fasteners and complex part geometries
  • Quality. High standards of quality in products, processes and services, also in case of special requirements
  • Management experience. Over 25 years of operational management experience in the coating sector and other industries
  • Reliable partner. Entrepreneurial owners interested in long-term and cooperative partnerships with customers and suppliers